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approximate dimensions: 4 and 1/4" long X 4 and 1/4" wide X 2 and 1/8" deep and 1250 grams (2.756 lbs)


Archangel Michael Celestite

This Celestite has been thoroughly Cleared & Blessed by Archangel Michael, St. Anne & Mary Magdalene; as Channeled by Judy Ko, verified Divine Channel, Akashic Record Reader & Psychic Medium by the Edgar Cayce A.R.E Center in 2014.


This Particular Celestite Crystal Specimen Carries Angelic Frequencies, Characteristics & leanings towards Being a Portal/Doorway to the Angelic Celestial Plane


Celestite General Knowledge

A very high vibrational stone which activates the third eye and crown chakra while creating a clear channel between the two.  Helps to activate psychic abilities, to see and understand messages at a much higher level. Continued meditation and work with Celestite enables a clearer connection to your Guides, Angels & Archangels making “downloads” clearer & more frequent.  Placing a piece of Celestite on your bedside table allows a greater flow of divine messages into your dreamscape.  Celestites provide angelic vibrations that calm and soothe people & spaces.  They also help to temper “fiery” emotions and personalities through providing feelings of divine support & guidance.  Assists in creating mental clarity and focus in turbulent situations.

Celestite (C)

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