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Each of these protection amulets have been imbued in them 135 hours(1800 minutes) of Violet Flame energy; all variations of the Violet Flame i.e the Lilac Fire of Source, the Cosmic Diamond Light, the Golden Violet & the Silver Violet Flame). 90 minutes a day, for 90 continuous days, beginning on the heels of the new moon(for extra traction) at the magickal gateway of September 9th, Judy has Invoked the Violet Flame & Channeled through her the Divine Assistance of many Ascended Masters including Saint Germain and his Twin Flame Lady Portia & many archangels including Archangel Zadkiel and his Twin Flame Holy Amethyst to craft these powerful amulets. The Violet Flame is part of the 7th Ray of Creation (the Ray of Ceremonial Order & Magick) and is also known as the Flame of Ascension; as it is the essential key instrument of God's Light, God's Grace and God's Love which functions as the foundation of mankind's liberation, created to support Humanity's Ascension up & out of the Kali Yuga Age and into a New Golden Age; previously known Golden Ages of Humanity, as of now, are Lemuria (aka Mu) and Atlantis. The unique strategic advantage of the Violet Flame is that it doesn't deflect negative energy nor does it return it back to sender, it simply transmutes negativity out of existence by changing its state therefore ending the "game of hot potato". The Violet Flame Transmutes negativity into pure Divine Light and Love; essentially transmuting negative energy's frequency and state of being into a much, much higher frequency and proverbially closing the door on it ever reverting back into its previous base state -just like how a butterfly can not revert and change back into a caterpillar even if it tried. Bring the Power of the Violet Flame into Your Life Today with the help of these Divine Amulets Crafted to Protect, Serve and Support Your Ascension Process & the Ascension Process of All.

Violet Flame Amethyst Protection Pendant with 30" Sterling Silver Chain

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