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Space Clearings

Open Your Space to Peace & Abundance Now!

  • 2 hr
  • Starting at $800
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Allow Judy and the Divine to channel through her and into your home (or business) to Cast Away All Darkness, shadows, demons, cold spots, psychic residue, and negative influences as well as any non-physical beings that are not for Your Highest and Greatest Good. Have Fresh Positive Energy continually flow into Your Space to Attract Abundance and Prosperity into Your Life. Great for when moving into a new home, starting a new brick & mortar business or owning a new vehicle. This is IDEAL for Sensitives and Gifted Children of All Ages. *Additional steps are taken to safeguard each sleeping chamber so that each person is fully protected and can rest peacefully. Some Causes for Negative Energy to Collect Include but not limited to: • Entities (non-physical beings of all types: Shadows, Demons, Spirits, etc.) • Death in the building (accidents, illness, murder, suicide, etc.) • Psychic Energy/Residue of Previous Occupants • Poor Feng Shui (being near a cemetery or hospital, lack of sunlight, poor air circulation, stuck energy flow, etc.) • Poor Relationship to the Energetic Ley Lines of the Earth Signs that a Space could Definitely Benefit from a Clearing: • Abnormal amount of constant arguments/conflicts • Grogginess or find it hard to focus (constant brain fog) • Constant “Accidents” in the Space • Sensitive or Gifted Children experiencing Sleep Issues • Shadows in your peripheral vision • Hearing Unexplained Voices or Noises when You are Alone In the Space • Sensing someone around you but yet there is no one • Having Paranoid/Negative thoughts or thoughts that are Not characteristic of You but when you leave that particular space these thoughts stop • Feeling tired or run down in a space but yet when you leave, you feel fine -as if a weight has been lifted

Cancellation Policy

All information shared via this website or in any way with Judy Ko is always strictly confidential. All Payments are Non-Refundable. All schedule changes must be submitted via email at least 48 Hours (2 Days) prior to the scheduled time. Please email all schedule change requests to: All schedule change requests will be responded to within 24 Hours. Through payment submission, I understand that at the scheduled time of paid for service; should I be deemed a "no-show" at Judy Ko's discretion, I will have forfeited my rights to the paid service and monies tendered. Under the State Laws of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, it is understood that all services are for the purposes of entertainment only.

Contact Details


Sight of Light - Connect to the Light Within You, West 76th Street, New York, NY, USA

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